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Superglue Gel (20g)

Superglue Gel (20g)


HV-GEL is our trade name for this industrial grade Cyanoacrylate adhesive. Unlike any superglue type product you would find on the high street, this is the real deal. Specially designed to bond metals, plastics, wood, ceramic, rubber, leather, card, glass and many other materials. Once applied cure time is reached in under 60 seconds. We supply this in two grades, a gel or a standard viscosity. Large 20ml bottles, other brands tend to be 3 - 5 ml.

Cyanoacrylates are single component "instant curing" solvent free adhesives. They cure upon exposure to moisture at room temperature. These adhesives are fast and easy to use. They do not need any mixing or heat and require only contact pressure to obtain durable high performance bonds. Cyanoacrylates perform best when applied as a thin film between two surfaces.

Wayside Adhesives cyanoacrylates are available Gel or Standard speciality grades.  They will bond to almost any combination of dissimilar and similar materials including metals, rubbers, most plastics, glass and ceramics. Primers are available to further enhance cure speed and adhesion to certain hard to bond plastics. Wayside Adhesives cyanoacrylates are easily applied both manually and automatically. Rapid cure and easy application make them particularly suitable for high speed production applications.



bonds wood, metals,plastics,ceramic,rubber,leather,card & glass


  • broken trim & bumpers
  • craft
  • marine
  • automotive
  • industrial
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